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Business Representation and Development - Australia
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Business concept -
The very strong economy, combined with the business climate and proliferation of energy related projects in Australia offers a rich potential of opportunities. There is a long term shortage of technical capability to fulfill the requirements of projects already underway, not to mention the large backlog of planned projects.

To facilitate entrance to this market,
WindandSea-Research will represent Client companies under contract, and be responsible for marketing and developing their presence in Australia. This embodies the ideas of our Lean in Country "Franchise" structure, which supports activities within a geographical region while minimizing infrastructure investments and entanglements. A Client is able to establish an immediate presence in Australia and leverage their existing capabilities and resources, while minimizing up front costs and risk.

By applying concepts embodied in our Intelligent Knowledge Synergy process, we will combine appropriate technologies and services from other
Client companies or network associates to amplify the value to customer. The aim being to increase likelihood of successful contract negotiations and maximize profit to our Client.

This arrangement will also connect our
Client companies with local entities that are able to supply the products and services that are more geographically linked. These may include such things as environmental studies, site survey and construction as well as local management and
personnel. If necessary we will undertake Project Management in order to maximize benefits to all parties and ensure successful outcomes.

Aims -
The aims of such a

  • Pursue contracts to be performed by Client offshore facilities.

  • Leverage Client capabilities and infrastructure in most efficient manner.

  • Build the Client brand name in the region.

  • Establish Client relationships with customers and other companies.

  • Register Client as an approved supplier of services with target companies.

  • Pursue appropriate government support available to Client as an Australian company.

  • Expand Client presence into nearby regions.

  • Expand Client activity into non traditional segments.

  • Establish Client operation in Australia as a self sustaining profit unit.

  • Have structures in place to enable a clean and efficient management handover of Client operations in Australia when such is warranted.

Actions -
In order to achieve these aims, WindandSea-Research would:

  • Create a Client Australasia company.

  • Maintain all statutory documentation, accounting and reporting for this company.

  • Provide an office address in Brisbane, Australia (state of Queensland) with mail, phone, internet & computer services.

  • Staff with senior people having engineering, marketing and financial experience and particular knowledge of the energy industry.

  • In consultation with Client, develop a regionally targeted Business Plan which includes defining the best targets and appropriate technologies and capabilities to emphasize. This should match both the local market requirements and Client corporate aims.

  • Develop appropriately localized marketing material (website, brochures) that reflects the technologies and market focus defined in the Business Plan while maintaining Client look and feel. Actual graphic design, production of materials and implementation of website can either be done in Australia, or using Client current resources.

  • Represent Client at conferences and other events, including giving presentations and technical papers on topics beneficial to Partner. The general nature and type of events will be defined by the Business Plan. Participation in specific events will be determined by consultation with Client, and costs may be assessed on an individual basis or covered by long term contract.

  • Join and participate in such groups and associations as benefit the overall aims of Client.

  • Foster and develop relationships with companies having capabilities and technologies compatible with Client such that they might contribute competitive advantage or profitability to Client Australasia offerings.

  • Actively and aggressively market and develop the Client Australasia brand while pursuing contracts as specified in the Business Plan.

  • Work in conjunction with Client technical contacts and other specified personnel to provide them with all details needed to make decisions on quoting and accepting of contracts. Final decisions on these matters shall always remain with Client.

  • Maintain oversight on all contracts to ensure they proceed as planned and that Client receives payments promptly.

  • Provide regular reporting to designated Client personnel as specified in Business Plan.

  • Maintain all documentation, software, and activity database in state to enable efficient management handover to Client with minimal interruption.