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Supporting Technologies & Services

Within the WindandSea-Research network, there exists a range of capabilities that will be applied where appropriate in order to add value to our Partner's offerings. The aim of this shall be either to increase the overall profitability of the contract or to enhance the competitiveness of the offering and increase the likelihood of securing an order.

Some of these particular areas or capabilities are noted below.

  • Monitoring & Control SCADA  - We support smart SCADA approaches that feed directly into both asset management and maintenance systems. This offers tremendous advantages and operational cost savings. Our view is that the end result of Monitoring & Control - SCADA systems must be the optimization of asset value through good management. This “end user” view differs from many earlier systems which are far more focused on low level implementation issues. The higher level approach has only been made possible by advances in computing and communications which enable intelligence to be embedded close to the machinery. This distributed “smart network” provides a backbone for a system that is safer, more reliable, more maintainable and extensible, thus enhancing and extending the value of major industrial infrastructure.

  • Predictive Maintenance - We have a long history of work involving remote telematics and Automated Condition Based Maintenance (ACBM). This includes sophisticated sensors and analysis techniques that offer advanced predictive warning of device failure. Optimally this is driven directly by the Monitoring & Control system and feeds the Integrated Asset Management system. When done correctly this offers the potential of prodigious savings in both maintenance and operational costs.

  • Integrated Asset Management - Intelligent Asset Management is driving more efficient operations as the industry vision for the "Digital Oil Field" and "Refinery of the Future" are becoming a reality. Advances in controls & sensor technology allow more data to be captured at the asset, and telecommunications innovations, particularly wireless & radio frequency technologies, have enabled the distribution of this information from the asset to anywhere in the world. The evolution and maturity of industry standards has become a key enabler in transforming intelligent asset data and serving it up to enterprise applications. This allows business, operations, engineering and maintenance to make better decisions faster. To extend their visions for operational excellence, increased production, availability and reliability, organizations are investing in enterprise asset management.

  • Simulation - e-Learning & Documentation - There are great advantages to including online documentation and training linked to system design at a very early stage. Simulation used at this stage can be beneficial in selling a project to stakeholders and is invaluable when used to validate designs (EDS - Engineering Development Simulation). This is an area that is often overlooked but increasingly important worldwide and considered of the greatest significance by oil & gas companies because of the developing shortfall of trained and experienced personnel.