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Oceans Energy Environment
Environmental Studies and Management

o significant project can proceed these days without consideration of the environmental impact, and in some cases this can be a deciding factor as to the viability of the project. This is nowhere more true than in the Oil & Gas industry and offshore environments impose particular difficulties.

We have the internal capability to perform and manage both onshore and offshore environmental studies throughout Australia and generate a
pproved documentation and management plans. Where the scope or nature of the project requires the involvement of external parties, we provide overall management of the project and take responsibility for the final outcome.

Environmental Design Integration
- Lack of attention to environmental issues early in the proposal design phase is a major cause of delays and cost increases at later stages. We pursue the concept that the Environmental Impact Study (EIS) should not be an afterthought but designed into the overall plan at the FEED stage. Project developers can use these tools to streamline approval processes and minimize business risk, while ensuring that proposals meet all regulatory requirements and enhance environmental performance.

Some of our specific activities include:

  • Flora and fauna survey (in field – terrestrial ,aquatic and marine)

  • Water quality sampling and advice

  • Environmental design advice

  • Environmental impact assessment

  • Drafting environmental management plans

  • Environmental management advice at operational works (including on-site roles / inspections):
  • Providing environmental inductions to site staff
  • Advising Superintendent or lead Contractor Foreman on compliance with environmental approval conditions
  • Advising Superintendent or Contractor on breaches and rehabilitation

  • Fauna management prior to and during clearing operations:
  • Inspect the site for fauna, nests or other features prior to Contractor entering/ taking possession of the site
  • Mark / note location and advise Superintendent or Contractor on how to proceed with site establishment and clearing operations
  • Observe and advise plant operators as clearing occurs
  • Inspect felled trees/stockpiles for fauna/kills
  • Catch, hold, release/relocate fauna with reference to approval and licence conditions

  • Rehabilitation/re-vegetation advice.
These services are covered under the following United Nations Standard Products and Services Codes  

Refer to:
UNSPSC categories:
77100000 Environmental management
77101504          Environmental Impact Assessment EIA services
77101601          Urban environmental development planning
77101603          Marine conservation strategy planning
77101604          Natural resources management or conservation strategy planning services
77101700          Environmental advisory services
77101701          Environmental sciences advisory services
77101707          Ecology advisory services
77110000 Environmental protection
77111501          Landscape protection services
77111507          Endangered species protection services
77111600          Environmental rehabilitation
70100000 Fisheries and aquaculture
70161501          Fauna protection
70161702          Marine ecosystem management services
70161703          Terrestrial ecosystem management services