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ICN is an Australia & New Zealand wide network that helps businesses to maximise the opportunities that arise from purchasing requirements from both the government and private sectors.

Industry Capability Network Limited (ICNL) is independently managed and financially supported by the Australian Government's Department of Innovation, Industry, Science and Research (DIISR). ICNL is part of a network that has 24 offices located around Australia and a team of around 80 technical experts across a number of major industries, from oil and gas to manufacturing and engineering.

ICN can help your organisation in a number of ways. We can:

  • Help industry find new business opportunities by identifying purchasing requirements within the government and private sectors.
  • Match Australian suppliers with buyers, both in Australian & New Zealand and overseas, according to identified purchasing requirements.
  • Provide experienced technical consultants with expert knowledge on resources and capabilities of local industry to help businesses identify appropriate Australian supply solutions to their purchasing and supply requirements.
  • Help in finding competitive Australian sources to meet procurement and project needs, irrespective of the business or industry sector.
  • Provide complete services to manufacturers leading to whole-of-life savings for buyers and supply contract wins for suppliers.
  • Help in preparing supply contracts so that they are suitable and meet buyer requirements.
  • ICN also undertakes ongoing industry research to build its knowledge bank and level of expertise. These findings are then applied to give industry the most effective outcome.

ICN aims to help Australian, New Zealand and overseas businesses to identify and maximize opportunities in the supply chain, and take advantage of new arising opportunities.

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