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Oceans Energy Environment
Intelligent Knowledge Synergy - intelergy
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odern energy projects are amongst the most complex and sophisticated systems ever devised. They operate under increasingly rigorous compliance demands, involving multiple partners and a diverse array of specialized knowledge domains with associated toolsets.

Better knowledge leads to better results, but in this digital age we still have isolated islands of information that reduce overall situational awareness, and negatively impact project timelines and costs. Optimal management from concept through de-commissioning requires an intelligent and timely knowledge interchange between disparate disciplines, systems, partners and compliance agencies.

Complexity, existing infrastructure, and highly specialized requirements make it unfeasible to impose a single monolithic management tool. The equivalent must be achieved by synergistically melding specialized systems as part of the larger holistic enterprise view. In turn these specialized systems also benefit from the larger base of re-usable knowledge.

This becomes increasingly possible with evolving interchange standards, together with tools from Web 2.0, cloud computing, simulation, e-Learning, gaming and knowledge management.  But despite huge potential benefits it remains both murky and underutilized.
These practices have significant potential benefits and impacts on:

  • Time to completion
  • Cost of completion
  • Community acceptance
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Early staff training
  • Operational handover
  • Knowledge retention 
  • Experience gap
  • Plant productivity
  • Upgrading & Extensibility
  • Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Maintenance & Reliability
  • Safety
  • Long term plant value
  • End of Life management  
Our methodology embodies concepts and technologies such as:

Significant Organizations:

Significant Standards: