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SmartSignal initiated the business of using predictive analytics for eliminating equipment failureand it is our only business. We maintain our leadership with the only solutions that detect, diagnose, and prioritize equipment failures. We provide unmatched lead time, unmatched accuracy, unmatched intelligence—and unmatched support. As a result, we have been chosen to protect more assets across more industries than any alternative.

SmartSignal technology

  • Provides the earliest possible warning of impending equipment and process failures
  • Is backed by a unique modeling technique and protected by over 40 patents
  • Recognizes that every piece of equipment is unique 
  • Is based on 100's of millions of hours of experience
  • Is proven on 1000’s of assets in the power gen, oil & gas, mining, aviation, and pulp and paper industries.
  • Is easy to use: no PhD required
  • Detects the broadest range of equipment problems across the widest variety of assets and failure modes
  • Works on all types of critical rotating, non-rotating, and processing equipment—any model of any equipment from any OEMacross all major industries
  • Uses existing imperfect instrumentation, tools, and infrastructure
  • Provides precise, accurate, unambiguous, and operationally relevant notifications of impending problems
  • Provides diagnostics and prioritizations of the problems
  • Even can identify failed sensors and adjust its models to accommodate them until they are repaired.
  • SmartSignal also provides all the services you need to deploy and maintain our solutions quickly and easily—at one plant or across an entire fleet.
SWANtech is a leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of sophisticated ultrasonic diagnostic systems that accurately evaluate the operating health of industrial machinery.

SWANtech's proprietary, patented and field-proven Stress Wave ANalysis (SWAN) technology is revolutionizing the global condition monitoring market by providing a cost-saving machine wear tracking and defect detection solution that is enhancing and even replacing traditional vibration-sensing, debris monitoring and lubrication analysis solutions that have existed for over 25 years.