Bringing together diverse technologies to create
and enhance energy systems.

Oceans Energy Environment

represents a network of international companies bringing together diverse technologies and capabilities to create and enhance energy systems. By providing a common business and technical infrastructure we help craft best of breed solutions that increase the value of individual offerings in a range of energy sectors, such as:

 Oil & Gas  •  Power Generation  •  Renewable Energy •  Undersea Systems

Focus on Australasia
Our efforts are strongly directed towards Australasia because of the sustained economic growth in that area.

Projects are operating under reduced timelines against a shortage of technical and engineering capacity. This creates demand for innovative and agile solutions that can be predictably implemented, and great opportunities for companies that have proven solutions and capabilities.

Combining high potential returns with superbly stable political and financial systems, Australia is also a fertile environment for investment.

We provide a framework to facilitate companies taking advantage of opportunities in this region.

Research - Representation - Business Development
We provide background research, local support infrastructure and on the ground partnerships to help companies penetrate the Australian market.

Services include, preliminary Market Entry Analysis on which to base a more comprehensive Business Plan, a range of Business Representation, and a local management and technical structure to integrate their products and services into a complete and compelling proposition for the regional customer.

Applying the philosophies and technologies of Intelligent Knowledge Synergy, we help create sophisticated solutions by combining diverse products and technologies from around the world.

This effective and profitable partnership involves local companies delivering regional and specialized services while overseas Clients concentrate on providing innovative and cost effective solutions consistent with their core capabilities.

Our structured framework for this Lean in Country Franchise model is a hallmark of how we help maximize return from their existing infrastructure, while minimizing market entry risks.

Oil & Gas
Power Generation
Renewable Energy